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Emperor Cinemas Plus+ The Wai Opens Now

Emperor Cinemas Plus+ The Wai Opens Now

Published Published 5 months ago by Leslie Cheung

The latest Emperor Cinemas Plus+ The Wai in Tai Wai has opened on July 22. The new cinema is the 8th cinema run by Emperor Cinemas, and comprises of 6 houses spanning across 2 levels. All houses are prepped with 4K laser projectors with Dolby Atmos system in House 1 and Dolby 7.1 in Houses 2 - 6.

HouseSeatsSound SystemProjector System
1181 + 4 disability seatsDolby Atmos4K laser
2144 + 4 disability seatsDolby 7.1
3180 + 4 disability seats
4153 + 4 disability seats
5106 + 4 disability seats
6124 + 4 disability seats

To celebrate the grand debut of Emperor Cinemas Plus+ The Wai, VIP members can enjoy an exclusive HKD$65 opening ticket discount until August 31, 2023. The first 3,000 people register as VIP members with the discount code TAIWAI can enjoy a discounted membership price of HKD$130, and receive 3 movie tickets (limited, first-come-first-served).

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