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Virus-32 2022

Virus-32 [2022]

Release date

2022 Nov

Hong Kong

  • 90 minutes

Plot synopsis

Like so many nights, Iris, the night guard at the Neptune club, and Renata, her 8-year-old daughter, share a modest dinner among the surveillance monitors. Iris is a single mother going through a distressing economic situation that has led her to take this job. With no one to help her, she must, at least once a week, take her daughter to work, where they have developed a calm routine among the dark corridors they know perfectly: first they eat dinner, then Renata watches television while her mother does the first round of surveillance, and then, tucked in between mats, the little girl sleeps until the end of the shift. But tonight, Renata breaks the routine and sneaks off to the huge empty pool that serves as a track to play on her skateboard. She'll wish she had never been separated from her mother. A pandemic suddenly breaks out in Montevideo, turning people into ruthless killers, thirsty for violence and death.

Separated by endless corridors, gyms, swimming pools and courts in the dark, mother and daughter will live through the most terrifying night of their lives, when the violence leaks into the building. Iris will have to resort to all her ingenuity and survival instinct, to find and save her daughter from the deadly threats that lurk in the shadows of Neptune. You'll discover that something as simple as walking through a gym can be a real odyssey.


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