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The Forger
  • 116minutes
  • IIA

Release Date

Original Title
Der Passfälscher

Hong Kong Title
The Forger

Plot Synopsis

21-year-old Cioma Schönhaus wants to discover life, but has the misfortune of living as a Jewish person in Berlin in the 1940s. Because the best hiding places are where everyone is looking, Cioma decides to go out into the light to escape deportation. He throws himself into the city’s nightlife, using the identity of a marine he created for himself. During the day he forges IDs just with a brush, some ink and a steady hand - and saves the lives of many others. His talent puts him more and more in danger and at some point there are no hiding places for Cioma either. While those around him fall into the clutches of the Nazis, he has to risk escape at the last moment, from this city and his false identity - in his pocket a last forged ID, this time with his own name.

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